Kingdom Fight Gym is bringing back Kun Khmer.

Experience this ancient martial arts from the Khmer Empire at Kingdom Fight Gym. Kun Khmer shares the same roots with Muay Thai from Thailand, Muay Lao from Laos and Lethwei from Myanmar.

Currently we are located in Phnom Penh and Koh Rong Sanloem (Sunset Beach). 

Learn more about each location by selecting the location below.


This is us! 

Youth Matters – Our foundation, registered in The Netherlands. Youth Matters focus is improving quality of life by creating opportunity for the less privileged youth in Cambodia. In collaboration with likeminded organizations, Youth Matters promotes emotional wellbeing, physical development and gender quality primarily through sports.

KFG Travels – Our travels brand, offers a unique martial arts and travel experience in Cambodia. Our tours and activities will let you travel, work on your fitness, experience the Cambodian martial art Kun Khmer, and visit local highlights as well as hidden treasures.

KLAHAN square

KLAHAN SPORTS – Our locally developed sports brand, gives athletes the courage to expand beyond themselves and accomplish great things. They do this by creating premium products which are beautifully designed and made of the best materials. Wearing KLAHAN gives you more confidence and comfort.

Friends & Supporters

CTP New logo

Cambodian Travel Partner is a travel organization that offers groups and individuals tailor-made travel packages. We are a new and energetic organization but have years of experience operating tours in Cambodia.


REACH Siem Reap offers a variety of programs which work to lift children and their families out of poverty.


Kiri Jiu Jitsu
offers BJJ with high level and skilled coaches  


Khmer x Art x Urban, from Traditional 2 Modern, from East 2 West

Kun Khmer Shop

Kun Khmer Shop
brings you the best quality equipment, gloves and bags for your gym and fighters!

a label for social desires
a creation of Commit Creation – Design & Brands

AC4U runned by Jeroen Mols, friend of the gym from the very beginning. AC4U is a consultancy firm for machine safety, industrial automation and project management based in the Netherlands, besides that they are TUV certified Machine Safety Expert.

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