Kingdom Fight Gym, together with Dutch Foundation – Youth Matters, supports underprivileged Cambodian youth with free training, education, nutrition and housing. 

KFG is bringing back Kun Khmer, mixed with K1 kickboxing.

Experience this ancient martial arts from the Khmer Empire at Kingdom Fight Gym. Kun Khmer shares the same roots with Muay Thai from Thailand, Muay Lao from Laos and Lethwei from Myanmar.

We offer Training Camps which include two 2 hour session per day, group classes for kids and adults, Private training with experienced coaches (active and retired fighters, local and foreigners)

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KFG Training

KFG Family

KFG Founders together with Mr. Ernesto Hoost

Four time K1 World Champion and official KFG ambassador

Dutch Kickboxing legends Andy Souwer and Ernesto Hoost

Andy Souwer and Ernesto Hoost have committed to be KFG official ambassador! 

Your Coaches

Daz Schofield

Daz has 30 years of experience in different martial arts disciplines like karate, kickboxing, Japanese jiujutsu, boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Daz has competed for 20 years and had around 54 fights. After his active fighting career, Daz started his coaching career, coaching champions in the UK from amateur to professional in Muay Thai and K1. Not only is Daz known for his strategic coaching skills, he is also the best pad holder in the town.

Rith Chea

Rith is beside the coach also the trainer for professional Kun Khmer fighters. He started training Kun Khmer when he was 14 and is experienced in three other martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, and Wushu. Rith fought 35 fights of which he won 26. Rith won the bronze medal from the Kun Khmer national championship in 1997. Besides coaching, Rith is a referee and judge for CNC television arenas on the weekends and one of the committee members of Kun Khmer Federation.

Mark van Dongen

Starting Kingdom Fight Gym combines Mark’s passion, experience and qualities. As a life-long martial arts enthusiast and practitioner, he has experience with various forms of martial arts. He has learned and experienced that sports have a positive effect on people, teaching mutual respect, perseverance and breaking out of social isolation. His experience as a volunteer has resulted in the mission to enlighten a larger group of young people, to make them aware of their role and responsibility in life and give them the opportunity to gain life experience. All these aspects fit into his view on life: everybody deserves to live a worthy and human life.

Kwok-Leung Tsang

Kingdom Fight Gym gives Kwok-Leung the opportunity to combine his passion and his qualities. Martial arts have always been a great factor in his personal development. He has experienced the positive effect it has on self-control, social connection and perseverance. Started Martial arts at the age of 15 in Taekwondo, holding second degree black belt and switched to Muay Thai / Kun Khmer at later age.
His background has given him the mission in life to make people aware of their strength and position in society. It all fits into his personal philosophy: Together we stand strong, nobody has to stand alone.

KFG Sponsored Fighters and Kids

Our active fighter will share their knowledge and experience with you! 

Friends & Supporters

Youth Matters is a Dutch Foundation supporting the KFG social program. Connecting youth, back to the centre, moving forward to the future.

KFG Travels offers a unique martial arts and travel experience in Cambodia. Our tours and activities will let you travel, work on your fitness, experience the Cambodian martial art Kun Khmer, and visit local highlights as well as hidden treasures.

KLAHAN SPORTS gives athletes the courage to expand beyond themselves and accomplish great things. They do this by creating premium products which are beautifully designed and made of the best materials. Wearing KLAHAN gives you more confidence and comfort.

Cambodian Travel Partner is a travel organization that offers groups and individuals tailor-made travel packages. We are a new and energetic organization but have years of experience operating tours in Cambodia.

Supplier of all your fight gear.

a label for social desires
a creation of Commit Creation – Design & Brands

Feeding Dream Cambodia serves 1,000 impoverished Cambodian children and youth and provides life saving programs.
The annual charity challenge of cycling 650km across the Kingdom of Wonder is an incredible way to see the country, and all the fundraising is in support of the kids.

AC4U runned by Jeroen Mols, friend of the gym from the very beginning. AC4U is a consultancy firm for machine safety, industrial automation and project management based in the Netherlands, besides that they are TUV certified Machine Safety Expert.

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