Kingdom Fight Gym, started in 2018 in Siem Reap and expanded to the capital, Phnom Penh , in 2021!

KFG is bringing back Kun Khmer, mixed with K1 kickboxing. Kun Khmer shares the same roots with Muay Thai from Thailand, Muay Lao from Laos and Lethwei from Myanmar.


We offer Private Training, customized to your needs! Mixing up Kun Khmer, Muay Thai, K1 Kickboxing, Boxing techniques and drills with challenging exercises.

Besides that we offer group classes. Check out our schedule below for more details!

Our team of experienced coaches (active and retired fighters, local and foreigners) will make sure you improve your techniques in a challenging, yet fun and friendly environment!


Kingdom Fight Gym – Phnom Penh


Kwok-Leung Tsang | Founder & Partner

Kingdom Fight Gym (est. 2018 in Siem Reap) gives Kwok-Leung the opportunity to combine his passion and his qualities. Martial arts have always been a great factor in his personal development. He has experienced the positive effect it has on self-control, social connection and perseverance. Started Martial arts at the age of 15 in Taekwondo, and switched to Kickboxing / Muay Thai / Kun Khmer at later age.
His background has given him the mission in life to make people aware of their strength.


Gustaf Cedermalm | Coach & Partner

Gustaf joined KFG PP in 2021. He started training karate at the age of 10. When he was a teenager he competed in English boxing, and later in Muay Thai/Kun Khmer/K1 Kickboxing. Gustaf is currently holding BFBA’s European Bare Knuckle Champions Belt.
He has many years of coaching and fighting experience, and is looking forward to coach many more fighters in all levels at KFG.

‘Martial Art has given me so much! It helped me find the right way in life.’


Kimheang | General Manager



Lok Somnang |
Team Leader & Coach

Somnang started training and competing when he was 14 years. Very talented and intelligent fighter who unfortunately had to take a break from fighting due to some injuries, which gave him the opportunity to grow as a padholder and coach.


Lok Bunna | Coach

Bunna started training when he was 12 years, started with boxing and switched to Kun Khmer later on.
He competed in the national boxing team and won several medals!


Hom Phanon | Coach

Started fighting when he was 20, currently taking a break from fighting to focus on his coaching skills. He loves fighting and cooking!


Ieng Seyha | Coach



Vong Vichheka | Coach



Klem Kralj | BJJ Coach



Jose Vinuelas | MMA Coach



Lok Bunheng |
Assistent Coach



Morn Cheat | Fighter



Tha Song | Fighter



Thao Heang | Fighter



Rotanak Sak | Frontdesk



Sunthorn Sreymao | Cleaner

Our Training Facilities

KFG Group Classes
KFG Private Studio - Yellow
KFG Private Studio - Black
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